Our Philosophy

We believe in providing consistent, quality food services focused on the customer. We know from our 25 years of experience that service and quality are critical for success in the hospitality industry. It’s what our customers demand in every facility we operate. And it’s exactly what we deliver.  

For us, quality begins with a commitment to provide school meals that are local, sustainable, traceable, as seasonal as possible, natural and free of antibiotics and hormones. We’re also committed to using local resources—not just from farms, but also from our schools’ communities - whether that means buying fresh bread from a favorite, bakery around the corner or exploring new partnerships.

We’re also committed to education. Through our Fuel Right Feel Right program, we help students understand the nutritional impact of the foods they choose to eat. The more we all know, the better it is for our children, our communities and our planet.


Our Promise

We care about the food we serve. That means: 

Providing students with fresh, flavorful real foods, by centering our meals around whole grains and legumes. Incorporating healthy fats. Using milk, meat, fish and eggs raised in humane conditions and fed natural diets. Passing up processed foods and refined, pesticide-laden vegetables and fruits.

A meal that is full of freshness, flavor, texture and beautiful, healthful color.

Opting for service which focuses on low-impact, environmentally responsible principles with concerns for the health of the environment.

Supporting the local community and economy through our food purchases using local farmers, growers and bakers, creating a traceable, healthful link to the foods we serve. 

Using sustainable foods: It is our responsibility to make food decisions based on seasonality, freshness and purchasing locally grown foods. Our team is continually updating our list of local growers and the foods they supply for us. Visits are made regularly to view and discuss products with the partnerships currently in place. We will continue to support farmers in our community through our business and partnerships.